I am a freelance iOS and macOS developer in London. This is my personal, rather than a technical blog.

I’ve been publishing to this domain since 2009, but it’s been a mix of personal and technical posts. The mix of the two has bothered me for a while and prevented me from posting as much as I would like to.

There is a concept in called Dot Emacs Bankruptcy (1)I know this because I’ve had to rewrite my .emacs.d file a couple of times. where your work has gotten so large and crufty it just makes sense to start again. That’s what I am doing here. I’m going to be moving my technical posts (2)The ones that aren’t outdated, or embarrassing to a new site (3)https://abizern.dev and keeping this for everything else.

Site Comments #

There are no comments on this site. Rather - there are no unmoderated comments on this site. I used to have a Wordpress blog with comments, but the signal got drowned out in the noise. Feel free to email me instead; I might even edit my posts to take account of feedback.

Contact #

Feel Looks odd, but this way I know the contact is coming from this site free to contact me at ayes-leanest-0a@icloud.com.

I can be found on various places online with the username of abizern.

I’m not on Facebook. It started off as an exercise to see how long I’d manage without it, and I haven’t found a need to create an account yet.

GPG Key #

Key ID: 7E2C07666BEEED1C

Key Signature: CF1C 8FE5 A508 0E70 4BCB 97DE 7E2C 0766 6BEE ED1C

Key: Available on a keyserver near you, or you can download it.