Git at London Web Standards

Announcement of my talk at London Web Standards.

London Web Standards is focusing on Git for their meeting on 17th June. I’m going to be talking on the topic of “Git’s not what you think it is”.

You think you know Git? Really?

Are you using Git the same tired old way, checking in your changes and pulling from your colleagues? Do you get the sneaking feeling that others are having much more fun with it than you are?

Are you a refusenik, not tempted to use version control because its not for you?

I’m going to challenge some common ideas about Git; I hope to get current users to be more expansive in their use of it, and maybe to bring some new users into the fold.

The abstract

I’ve been talking about Git since 2009, which is when I became comfortable using it. I’ve heard some reasons for people not using it, or using it in its simplest form. My aim in this talk is to turn those statements on their head; maybe to get people to think about using git, not just as a set of task based recipes (which is a perfectly good way of working), but also to use the parts of it that seem too difficult, or poorly explained.