Git Ignore file

My recommended .gitignore file.

A while ago I answered a couple of questions on Stack Overflow using my .gitignore file as an example. I find it strangely satisfying to find that there are projects on GitHub that use it, and even the odd blogs has put it up as well.

I might as well have it on my own site:

# Mac OS X

# Xcode

# Generated files

#Python modules

# Backup files

It’s particularly suited for Xcode. It excludes the workspace settings, which also includes the breakpoints, so don’t be surprised if they don’t carry over in clones. It also excludes the build schemes unless you mark them as shared.

I’ve got this as a global ignore file for my system - and if I’m going to push a repository elsewhere I just copy it into the repo’s directory.

It’s simple to do. If you’re not familiar with ignore files I’ve written about the Three ways of excluding files with Git elsewhere.