Slides, materials, and maybe even links to videos for talks and presentations I have given recently.

Safer Programming With Types

A lightning talk from Swift London Meetup October 2016

Core Data It's Not Dead Yet

My FrenchKit Conference talk about Core Data. September 2016.

Being Imperfect In A Perfect World

NSBarcelona talk on Patterns and their uses. September 2016.

Swift London Pre-WWDC Panel

Swift London Pre-WWDC Panel. June 2016.

Dependency Management With Carthage

My talk at Cocoaheads Stockholm about the Carthage dependency manager. May 2016.


NSLondon talk about the Carthage Dependency Management System.

What Haskell Teaches Me About Writing Swift

My talk from AltConf, San Francisco, June 2015.

What Haskell Taught Me About Swift

My Swift Summit Talk from March 2015

FizzBuzz In Swift

My NSLondon Talk about various approaches to the FizzBuzz problem in Swift.

Adding 3rd Party Code To Your Project

Talk from iOSCon2014 in London about using Git or CocoaPods to add dependencies to an Xcode project