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My NSLondon talk about the Carthage Dependency Management System. No need to manage your own submodules or use CocoaPods, Carthage provides a simpler and more flexible method of adding framework dependencies to Xcode projects.

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Debug Logging In Swift

In the last iOSDevWeekly Dave Verwer listed Art Sabintsev’s PrintLnMagic - a small function that reproduces the common DLog pattern that many use which not only prints a value, but the filename, the function name and the line of the call. Which is really handy in debugging.

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GCJ A - Magic Trick

I got through the qualification round for Google Code Jam 2014. I usually manage to get through this stage; it’s the first round that I haven’t managed to get past yet.

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Hakyll New Post With Emacs

When this blog was created using Octopress, a new post could be created by simply running rake new_post in the Terminal. There is no such convenience in Hakyll, which is currently used as the generator. A small thing, but I wanted to fix it.

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