About me




I am a freelance OS X and iOS developer based in London. I use Xcode, Git and Emacs. I have a collection of fountain pens, I ride a fixed wheel bike, enjoy scuba diving and occasionally I’ll strum my guitar.

You can find me online, mostly with the username abizern, and the avatar image that I use almost everywhere is based on this photograph of me. A bit old, and I should really have had a shave, but it’s me.

My DVCS of choice is Git, and I intermittently blog about it at 365Git. Although I much prefer talking about it, and most of my speaking history is on this subject.

I type using the Dvorak keyboard layout - but leave the actual keyboard in the QWERTY layout. It stops me looking at the keyboard. It took a good few months before I was able to type properly, but I’m glad I did it. I only wish iOS devices had the Dvorak option.

I organise the monthly NSCoder Night London meetings where Cocoa develepers can get together to share some knowledge, fix a some bugs and have a litle downtime.

Site Comments

There are no comments on this site. Rather - there are no unmoderated comments on this site. I used to have a Wordpress blog with comments, but the signal got drowned out in the noise. Feel free to email me instead; I might even edit my posts to take account of feedback.


I’m not currently available for contract work until at least April 2015, but please feel free to get in touch by email.


This is a static site that is generated by Hakyll version 4. It is hosted on Github, where you can also see the source

The layout is a provided by Pure CSS.

The colour scheme is taken from the Solarized light palette.

The posts are invariably written using Emacs. And yes, the main font is Helvetica; deal with it.